Puppy Packages

At JAY K9 we are passionate about getting things off to the best possible start...  


We know how important getting it right from the start is!  That’s why we offer a variety of puppy packages.  


We’d love to hear from you even before you’ve bought your new puppy home.  We can talk with the the whole family (including the kids) about how bringing a paw-son into your family will affect you all.  We will discuss how you all want your dog to behave in the future and what we can do to help make that happen from day one! 


Once your puppy is home and before they are fully vaccinated they won't be able to join a training class, but we can offer 121 training at your home to get things off to the best start!



Socialisation starts from the minute you bring your puppy home and continues throughout the dogs life.  They may not be fully immunised but that doesn’t stop us from introducing puppies to new and novel environments and experiences.  Use our expertise to build your puppies confidence before they are even old enough to join puppy classes.

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