Drop & Train

Does your dog pull on the lead? Have a poor recall? Or jump up when meeting people? 

Whatever your problem, it can be difficult to find the time to work on these issues, especially if you are out at work all day.... How about if instead of paying a dog walker someone with specialist knowledge came to train your dog for you?

 The great news is that your dog doesn’t even need to have a problem to use this service if you think your dog deserves a bit more than a walk around the block then this service could be for you!    

We've specialist knowledge in canine conditioning and can help get your dog into tip-top physical shape, loose that bit of weight or build muscle....Great for active breed dogs or dogs that compete in canine sports.

Perfect for puppies...To often we see adolescent and adult dogs that have behaviour problems that could have been prevented with appropriate socialisation.  Book our intensive training service for your puppy to gain our specialist knowledge; helping your puppy develop.  This service is aimed at puppies under 6 months of age and we would suggest booking a minimum of 3 sessions per week.

For more info and to discuss your needs please complete our contact form or call us.

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