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Our Foundation Puppy Class is more than just teaching obedience sits and downs.  We use fun exercises that are easy to understand for both owner and puppy to teach foundation skills  and build a lasting connection.  We focus on teaching you the skills needed to teach your  puppy.  


Our foundation course is designed to prepare your puppy to live happily as part of your family.  We look at teaching core behaviours, responsibility and care needs of an owner, socialisation needs of puppy and include understanding appropriate play between puppies with our off lead play time. 

New classes starting all the time!


Developing upon the skills learnt in our foundation class and building puppies confidence. We work at cementing basic manners and progress on to preparing puppies for their Good Companion Award.




Continue to develop your training and obedience by progressing through the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards



A truly unique class working on focus based exercise that will improve your dog's strength and excessive energy requirements need by the owners!

This class has seen some amazing results and rave reviews


"My dog  has attended small group classes for years, he became stressed but continued to try to perform the tasks asked of him. 


At training with Jay K9 we go into the field  and he is relaxed and immediately begins to offer desired behaviours,  he remains completely calm throughout the session. 


Gerry is so knowing , she helps you to read and understand your dog and the class is really focused on the individuals (both owners and dogs).  We are encouraged to take breaks when we need them and he ALWAYS returns voluntarily to continue.  I've never been to anything like this before and I've been training for 10 years.  Give it a try!"


At Jay K9 we love Scentwork the accreditations that our instructors hold is testament to this,'s not just the instructors that love scentwork, as we know your pooch will love it too!  Lets be honest there aren't many dogs that don't like to sniff!


Scentsocialnal is our Social Scentwork class held every other week, suitable for all age dogs and all ability of sniffers.  Taught by Carly a Talking Dogs Accredited Trainer and an Accredited Instructor with the UK College of Scent Detection.  The emphasis is on fun whilst developing handler and dog skills, working as part of a team.  

In addition we offer one-off fun scentwork activities and full day workshops so keep an eye out for these!


We have a variety of classes that run throughout the year including:

Hoopers, Tricks, Circus Dogs, Real Dog Yoga, Clicker, Calm Dog, Platform Training to name but a few....Please chat with us to see what's available

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