JAY K9 is owned and led by Gerry Moss - a qualified professional, registered & accredited trainer.


"At Jay K9 we are passionate about helping owners forge lasting, positive relationships with their dog.  Through education, training, fun & games, we can see happier, better behaved and better understood dogs!"


Being passionate to understand how dogs think and learn has driven me to study dog training and behaviour.  Having owned a dog with severe behaviour issues I have an interest in behaviour modification, but also a dedication to get things off to the best possible start (see our puppy pages for more info on what we offer younger dogs).

I only us positive methods in my training and am one of a very few certified Fear Free professional trainers in the UK as well as being a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).  This is an assessed qualification, that can not be achieved through simply paying a membership fee or years of experience, members have to adhere to strict ethical code of practice.  I'm also a registered Animal Training Instructor with Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC)


I passionately believe that in order to offer the best service to our clients it is important we maintain ongoing continued professional development (CPD).  Membership of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) provides a network of up-to-date scientific knowledge.  In addition to this I continue with my degree studies in animal behaviour and hope in the future to progress to postgraduate level. 


I'm a Scentwork UK qualified Instructor, a Real Dog Yoga Instructor, TAGTeach qualified, I have worked with Jo-Rosie & Nando Brown from the recent ITV  series and completed training to run Teach My Dog trick classes as well as being an Accredited Canine Hoopers Instructor.  


Carly has worked with animals all her life, starting out working at a wildlife park then a livery stables.  Following her passion for dogs Carly then started working at a boarding kennels working her way up to manager before establishing her own dog walking business.    

Carly is passionate about scentwork and has pursued this passion with her dog Kaiden.  She is a Talking Dogs Accredited Trainer as well as being an Accredited Trainer with the UK College of Scent Dogs.

“I love scentwork, it's all inclusive...any dog can succeed and have fun with it. It's great for mental stimulation which leads to happy, contented dogs. Scentwork can benefit reactive dogs, dogs on restricted exercise, it can help to calm crazy dogs and you don't need any expensive equipment. It also helps to build the bond between dog and handler. It can be done at the most basic level or can be taken much further to incorporate realistic searches that specially trained dogs would be undertaking”.

Gerry Moss


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