Hear what our customers say...



"Fun, friendly, enthusiastic!"

"Calm approach - no one feels under pressure."

"Fantastic, enjoyable way to work closely with your dog to ensure achievement every time...So calming for dog & owner."

"My puppy was food guarding. I loved seeing her respond to the training, it was so reassuring"

"Gerry is really helpful, easy to chat to, never judges and does everything she can to help and support your training needs."

''Very knowledgeable, fully answered all questions and adjusted for individuals with ease."

"The training we are doing with our dog is all fun stuff so it's enjoyable for us and our dog. I liked how prepared Gerry was for our 121, bringing a whole array of toys, flirt poles, scents and treats with her!"

"JAY K9 really knew their stuff and were very helpful!" 

"Gerry is relaxed and knowledgeable." 

"I would always go to Gerry whenever we wanted any further training. She has continued to help us through our dog's adolescence and we have a very happy, well trained pooch because of both our and Gerry's commitment."

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